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About Fittuccine

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Fittuccine Sports massage isn’t just for athletes. We’re dedicated to keeping South Devon’s hardworking muscles in tip top shape, whatever your lifestyle.

Fittuccine is a Sports Massage Therapy serving Kingsbridge, Salcombe and the surrounding areas. Fittuccine offers tailored deep tissue manipulation to aid in injury prevention by supporting recovery, stimulating muscular repair and improving functionality.

Contrary to popular belief, Sports Massage isn’t just for athletes. As a focused remedial therapy, Sports Massage targets your problem areas by targeting the length of the effected muscle(s). This comprehensive treatment provides effective release of muscular tension, reducing pain and helping to correct postural alignment and restore range of movement.

If you are struggling with muscular pain or restricted mobility in your day to day activities or, want to incorporate Sports Massage into your training plan, get in touch to book a session today.

Looking forward to seeing you soon. 

Sophie Anderton

Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy