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Massage: A 5000 Year Old Fad?

20th February 2016
Massage, Muscles, Sports Massage, Wellbeing

#Massage #Health #Wellbeing Massage has been used as a form of therapy to treat illness and injury for thousands of years, with the earliest written texts from Egypt and China documenting that this tactual medium has been used for healing since around 3000BC. The development of Sports Massage in its own right can be attributed (rather […]


8th February 2016
Charity, Education, Muscles, Sports Massage

#SportsMassage #Training #Fittuccine Thanks for the warm social media welcome everyone! I am currently on count down to gaining my qualification as a Sports Massage Therapist in June. As part of my training, I need to clock up at least 50 “hands on” hours of Sports Massage over the next few […]

Welcome to Fittuccine

8th November 2015
Fitness, Muscles, Sports Massage, Wellbeing

#Sport #Massage #Fitness #Nutrition Hello and welcome to Fittuccine. My name is Sophie, I am an ex-dancer, writer, marketer and sports massage therapist in training. I have created the Fittuccine blog to primarily act as a research outlet for my massage studies, but I also wanted a platform to educate casual gym […]