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Sports Massage, it’s not just for athletes.

Sports Massage is a form of Deep Tissue Therapy established to support athletes in performance, maintenance and injury prevention. Using similar techniques to Swedish Massage, Sports Massage delivers a tailored treatment plan to problem areas, releasing muscular tensions and re-establishing range of movement.

The focused nature of the treatment means that Sports Massage is not just for athletes, it is also an extremely effective therapy for anyone who uses the same muscles repeatedly or for an extended period of time. Whether you are a Parent, Gardener, Labourer, Hairdresser, Office Worker or Driver, every one of us has at least one or more daily activities which will place certain muscles or muscle groups under repeated stress.

Is it worth visiting a Sports Massage Therapist?

Absolutely! As a Therapist I will look at your body as a whole and treat the problem at its source, which may surprise you to discover isn’t always where you will be experiencing the pain.

You have to remember that your muscles are part of a larger network which works in harmony to allow you to function in a normal, bendy and pain-free way. Any muscular tensions or adhesions can impede the full functionality of your muscles which means that carrying out daily activities can become difficult.

Sports Massage Therapy will work to release the muscular tensions enabling the afflicted muscle fibres to relax back to their normal resting tension. This will help to restore functionality and reduce or eliminate the pain.

If you are experiencing any tissue pain or discomfort, or have noticed a decline in your normal range of movement, have a think about your daily activities and which ones might be a contributing factor to your muscular maladies.

To get yourself on the road to recovery, please get in touch.

Let’s get you moving!



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