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False Starts

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Many of us see the dawn of a New Year as an opportunity for a fresh start. It’s a chance to begin again, to try harder, to be better.

As is tradition, January will begin in a blaze of squats, gym memberships and self satisfaction and inevitably end with dwindling bank balances and shattered promises. The internet reliably informs me that an average 75% of people have broken their New Years Resolution by the 3rd week of January with 22nd January 2016, dubbed Fail Friday, being D-Day for good intentions.

I’ve been guilty of this myself and it’s pitiful that we can’t last out the month. I cannot and will not believe that as a nation we are collectively hopeless when it comes to meeting our goals so I can only assume that we are setting ourselves up for false starts.

When you set your resolutions at the stroke of midnight tonight try to set a target that is achievable. If you are looking to become more active then endeavor to fall in love with fitness or your particular sport and make it a part of your life instead of throwing yourself in at the deep end and struggling to stay afloat after the first few weeks. Your resolution is a investment in yourself. Be savvy with your choices, grow your investment over time and you will see a fantastic return.

Happy New Year everyone. Let’s make 2016 our best one yet!

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